Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Upcoming Exhibition on Anamorphosis

Anamorphosis... deceiving the eyes

Our eyes are familiar with regular shapes and shades. When anything tries to deviate from the regularity our brains receive a signal and instruct our eyes to concentrate more to find out regularity/ organization in whatever irregularity the object in front shows to us. The art of Anamorphosis is such a hide and seek game for our eyes and brain. While our brains are to conclude, the eyes help in seeking the hidden reality.

All the known ways of creating optical illusion are practiced since the time anamorphosis took a place in the world of creative art which originated in the sixteenth century. The figures are painted in such ways that if we look directly at them the figures appear to be distorted but they take their normal appearance when seen in a special mirror or from a determined angle.
At the time of emergence of anamorphosis as a visual art, artists who had the mathematical knowledge to create anamorphic pictures kept their calculations and grids a well-guarded secret. Now it is relatively easy to create such images by computer. But it really demands skill and knowledge of mathematics when it comes to create such pieces on analog media and to correlate science of optics with aesthetism.

Anamorphosis has huge recognition in the other parts of the world, but In India this art is almost an unknown sort and nothing much is heard about this. Till date it’s practiced by the only Anamorphosis artist of India Mr Avtar Singh Virdi who is a master of making portraits. His art is unique as the portraits he makes in distorted shapes can themselves be considered as abstract art, but the same when looked through cylindrical mirrors talks of his mastery of creating portraits.

I was attracted towards this sort of art when I saw the images of Andrea Pozzo’s Ceiling of the church of San Ignacio, Rome or “Glory to the name Of Jesus” on the ceiling of the Church of Gesu, Rome by Baciccio or domestic scenes such as Raphalle Peale's nineteenth-century, tongue-in-cheek parody of a Baroque theme, entitled "Venus Rising from the Sea—A Deception (After the Bath) ,or The ambassador by Hans Holbein ,Still life of Pablo Picasso in twentieth century.
But as a beginner I took the sort of making portraits as circular abstracts. I created a few anamorph portraits in last one month and arranging an exhibition in Kolkata in December with those works. I have plans to try my hands on every sort of anamorphosis practiced throughout the world in future.

Here are the details of my exhibition on Anamorphosis and interpretation in life.

Gaganendra Silpa Pradarsasala
1/1 Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road
Kolkata 700 020
Date: 7th to 9th Dec'2009
Time: 2 pm to 8 pm

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let wealth accompany will………Let them find a life worth living………

At the foot of the well known Susunia hills of Bankura, nearly 23 km from Bankura town, you can find an old temple of goddess Kali and goddess Durga. This temple is a well appreciated place for the pilgrims of the nearby places of Bankura, district of West Bengal, India. I and my friend visited the place on 24th September, 2009, on the very day of commencement of the five day long most popular festival of West Bengal called Durga Puja. Our aim was to spend the day at the temple to see the traditional offerings they make to the goddess Durga on the first day of this 5 day long festival, but it was quite a different experience that we ended up with.
This temple is no way different from the other hilly temples of India in its origin and history, but what made this temple interesting to us apart from its holy environment is the effort the Maharaj (the chief priest) of the temple puts to do welfare for the surrounding ten tribal villages and their people. The simplicity of the temple with the simple yet hearty wishes of the Maharaj made us give an ear to his words. While talking, Maharaj talked more about the poor people around him rather than elaborating the mythology and the power of the goddesses he worships.

The temple was established 40 years back by his brother Gopinath Maharaj who at the time of his holly death gave him the responsibility of looking after the goddesses worshiped here. While taking the responsibility, the Maharaj, originally from the urban areas of an otherwise developed district of West Bengal, began to feel for the tribal, otherwise backward, people of the surrounding areas where welfare is more than a golden dream. The people of these remote villages hardly get any opportunity for even thinking of a healthy life.

The Maharaj felt the need for offering a better living to the local people at the same time he makes offering to the goddesses, and it was he who started collecting donation from the pilgrims of the temple and the visitors of Susunia hill. With that very little money welfare activities were started centering the temple four years back. The Ashram was registered as a welfare trust under the West Bengal Trust Registration Act in the year of 2006 as Gopinath Vabatarini Sevashram. But only registration is not enough to attract the philanthropic people to stand beside the Asram in bringing life to those poor tribes of this remote region of Bankura. This ashram has no glamour like all those bigly NGOs but has the real soul enrooted deep down to the hearts of the local people.

They have already arranged clothe/ blanket distribution programmes, book and accessory distribution ceremony for the needy students, medical camps, tree plantation programme etc till date to serve some 10000 people of surrounding ten villages, but they are unable to hold on the sustainability of their work singly due to lack of fund.

While talking to us, he repeatedly mentioned an event when in front of his eyes a pregnant tribal woman was being carried to the town hospital, 12 Km away from the village, at the back seat of her husband’s bicycle. The painful condition of these country people forced him to make prayer to the goddesses to relieve her children from this misery as he could find no other way to help those poor people.

Now he has a dream along with his eternal faith in the power of the goddesses he worships and in the humanity of the people who are privileged. A small mobile medical van which can patrol the villages round the month with a doctor, an attendant and stock of medicines can easily remove the pain the people face every time they grow a clinical condition. This will also save them from untreated, premature death which is still a reality even in this cyber age.

This dream is realizable any time, even the Maharaj has that strong will, but where’s the wealth?

They are our country people, if we don’t care to feel for them, if we don’t care to relieve them from the misery they are in, how could we dream of a magician to come and vanish all their pain and convert a hell into heaven in no time??

Let a handful of our WEALTH accompany his strong Will……….

If any body has this feeling for those unfortunate people, please contact:
Gopinath Vabatarini Sebashram
Susunia Pahar, Jharnatala,
Bankura- 722182
West Bengal

This trust is authorized to issue tax exemption certificate to donors under 80G.

Or you can mail us at (Atashi Ray) (Sajidul Islam)